Petal Drop Liquid Blush

A liquid blusher that expresses a translucent complexion as if moistened petals are dyed on the cheeks.

It's filled with your own romantic atmosphere. 

Discover your own colorful and vividly sparkling colors.


*Water color coating

Its moisturizing serum-type base is easily absorbed into dry skin for a vibrant and radiant look.

*Smoothing Skin Texture

The spherical powder in this product smooths and blurs skin texture irregularities for a flawless and smooth skin appearance 


Lightweight water serum texture blends smoothly without clumping

Provides a moist and long-lasting finish

Evens out skin texture for a smooth appearance

Provides a gentle color payoff that is easy to adjust and build for your desired look

Blends effortlessly into the skin, providing a natural and long-lasting color

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