["Perfect Designing Eyeliner Pencils"]


Create limitless eye looks and discover the style that best complements your eyes.


Shades & Texture

❶ Almond Brown [Waterproof eyeliner]

❷ Mocha Brown [Waterproof eyeliner]

❸ Deep Black [Waterproof eyeliner]

❹ Glitter Ash [Waterproof eyeliner]

❺ Glitter Khaki [Waterproof eyeliner]

❻ Glitter Champagne [Tear bag liner]

❼ Glitter Pink [Tear bag liner]

❽ Glitter Sunset [Tear bag liner]

Refillable cartridge

An eco-conscious eyeliner collection housed in refillable packaging and a broad range of shades for a variety of multi-dimensional looks. 

All eyeliners come in replaceable cartridges for refill and reuse purposes.

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